Top fitness watch to track workout

Know more about fitness watch check in wrist critic so click on wrist critic. In today’s world many people many people go to gym to reduce weight and other go for to make muscle and become fit. But no one get report at same time how much they improve their health and fitness. To track person workout fitness watches are available in market. Today’s Discussion on top fitness watch.

Fitness watch for fitness goal

Pick the best fitness watch and achieve goal. So let’s explore.

Suunto Spartan ultra :Suunto Spartan ultra is amazing fitness watch it track many type of physical activity and it also shows how much calories burn from each activity. It is waterproof and also have GPS tracking. It is made from stainless steel, silicone, polyamide. It is touch screen watch and has 26 hours battery life span.

G – shock GG 1000 mudmaster : G – shock GG 1000 mudmaster is another fantastic watch for tracking fitness. This watch has special quality that it is mud and shock resistance. It shows time as well as the direction also. It is waterproof watch another feature. It is made from ┬áresin, urethane band.

Tomtom spark 3 cardio &music :Tomtom spark 3 cardio & music is technological watch. Those people who love to play music while workout than this watch is perfect for them. In this watch person can store more than 500 songs and it also track GPS and heart rate while workout. It also connect bluetooth headphones and tells how much calories burn.

Apple watch Nike + : This watch is made by two companies Apple And Nike. It has many feature like GPS tracking, music storage capacity waterproof watch. It also has camera to click pictures while workout. It is made from fluoroelastomer.