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If you are looking for a website that can provide you with an honest and well conducted review on an instrument you might be looking to purchase, it may be harder then you think. There aren’t many sites and those that are there may not be that well reputed, but there is an alternative, one that provides you all you want and run by someone who really loves music. Welcome to the music site,


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This site is a dedicated site to all that is going on in the music world, from latest news that hits the wire, to reviews of some of the latest music instruments and equipment that just hit the market. This is your one stop site for anything and everything music related and even has helpful tips and suggestions for the musically inclined. Theboxtigermusic website is run by Thomas Boxtiger, a musician, songwriter and composer in his own right and has decided to take the knowledge that he has and share it with everyone. His reviews are a perfect example of the commitment he is making, as they are full of relevant information and is conducted independently. This means that you get only the honest and true review of the instruments, allowing you to make the right choice with peace of mind.


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