Getting to know your stars better

We all have that one particular celebrity whom we admire more than anything else in the world. If you are nodding your head to that, you know exactly what we are talking about! A celebrity is not just a rich individual with a lot of popularity, he or she is a glowing inspiration to millions of dreamers and achievers from around the world who want to end up in the same galaxy to which these stars belong! Whether you are a sports freak or a movie buff, celebrities have always been the centre of your universe, at least in your dreams. Now you can get to know much more about the lives of all your favourite sports stars, movie stars or singers at

All under one roof

When you read about the struggles of the celebrities out there, those who have made it in life, you sometimes wonder if it is just luck or sheer determination! Maybe it’s both. Or maybe it is destiny with a dash of luck and determination! Who knows! What we do know is that these members of the first order belong to that rare class of people who earn both fame and money in equal measures. Money is, of course, a major attraction to many of us but the heady feeling that fame brings alone with it cannot be compared with monetary success at all. Whichever the field, the internet has now brought all the ‘rich-and-famous’ under one virtual roof. You can take a look at their earnings and also read up on their inspiring stories on

Global reach

The world-wide-web has now made the world a global village of sorts. You can now become a celebrity yourself using social platforms to show-case your talent to the world. Who knows? Maybe someday people will be looking up your net-worths on the internet. The stars may be closer than you might think!